We are Current.

We are a modern communications
agency that lives up to its name.

To us, being current means constantly rethinking new
ways to connect with people across the offline and
online realm. We tap our insights and instincts to
uncover engaging stories and human truths that
deliver measurable results for clients.

We believe people buy
lifestyles, not brands.

Our work is authentic because we are our clients' target
consumers. We are moms and dads, artists and athletes,
foodies and fashionistas, earth-lovers and do-gooders,
techies and world travelers, design mavens and
do-it-yourselfers... and much, much more.

50 in 5

Team Members    U.S. Offices

Chicago • Dallas • Los Angeles • New York • San Francisco

Founded in 2006

Marketing Expertise

Senior team members with a career focus on
consumer engagement

Tuned into trends, tapped into research
and in the know about what makes news

Compelling storytellers who know how to
connect with the people you want to reach